Company Profile

WALCARE is a hybrid business group that continues to grow with its manufacturing division, IWATCHCASE, exclusively serving the watch parts industry. We specialize in innovative machining and take pride in producing an array of parts and accessories, including Custom Watch Cases, Crystal Watch Cases, Carbon Fiber Watch Cases, Casio G-Shock Carbon Fiber Cases, and Custom Watch Buckles etc. We are more than just a watch case maker; we also offer an extensive selection of watch parts and related accessories, enabling you to make all your purchases in one place. We produce hard parts in-house and furthermore, provide complete watch assembly services for our clients globally. We could not have achieved such growth without the support of our valued customers, dedicated employees, supportive family, and friends. A sincere thank you to all. 


1. Our team comprises young and energetic individuals dedicated to providing exceptional service. We offer 12-hour support, so you can reach out to us anytime with questions or concerns regarding watch cases, buckles, or straps.
2. We continuously strive to expand our knowledge and stay updated on the latest watch case designs and production processes. With a keen eye for quality, we maintain stringent standards to ensure the highest level of product excellence.
3. We take the time to actively understand your specific needs and challenges, fostering effective communication. By doing so, we can address any issues promptly and ensure that our services align with your requirements.



  • If you have an idea, just hand-drawn sketches, after you pay the design fee, we will make 3D drawings and discuss with you, revise, until it fully conforms to your ideas, the drawings are confidential and will not be leaked to anyone else . Our drawing formats are usually PDF and STEP, and we will also confirm the list of accessories with you. A watch case is composed of such as bezel, case ring, glass, bottom cover, crown, waterproof ring, movement holder, film, etc. watch buckles, watch straps, or other products can also be designed for you. Of course, you can also use designers from local countries, we will try our best to recommend professional designers if we have. If you can provide drawings, after confirming the details, we can directly discuss sample and mass production.

  •      In order to ensure that mass production can meet expectations, we will make watch case samples for customers in advance. These samples can be made by 3D printing, molding, CNC, and hand-made.We will arrange workers adjusting machines,making toolings especially for these samples, the sample price is higher than the bulk unit price. samples are just for reference, we try to be as precise as possible. The number of samples is usually 10-50, and the price is not much different.

  • We machining custom watch case ,bezel,crown, movement holder,screws. some accessories the customers need provide or we help out source like glass, waterproof gaslet, inner cover, band, etc. based on our CNC machining technology and other metal processing skills, we make watch parts also at high level standard, we have rich experiences in making hardwares,but focusing on machining watch case mainly.

  •       Some customers propose to use special materials to make watch cases, which takes a long time. We will go deep into cooperation with material manufacturers to develop, such as carbon fiber watch case, crystal watch case, tantalum watch case, because of the special materials, the processing technology will be different. Repeated testing is also required until it fully complies with customer requirements.