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Why Choose Us:

1: Our Dedicated Team

   At the core of our philosophy lies an unwavering belief in the significance of attention to detail, whether in the large-scale production of watch cases or the meticulous creation of a few samples. Our team is committed to approaching every task with dedication, carefully attuned to the needs of our customers. Prompt communication is our ethos, ensuring that any issues are addressed immediately. We actively seek optimal solutions and provide transparent explanations. Operating primarily within our workshop, our team strives to tackle challenges in the production process through direct and efficient means. Accustomed to meeting the exacting demands of discerning customers, we specialize in the craftsmanship of high-end watch cases. Our commitment goes beyond project completion; it is a recognition of our dedicated labor.

2: Stringent Quality Assurance

   I have previously detailed the comprehensive process from material selection to product delivery. It is crucial to highlight that each stage undergoes meticulous inspection, encompassing checks for raw materials, components, post-cutting hole precision, CNC machining accuracy, waterproof capabilities, and aging resilience. Any shortcomings in a stage prompt immediate rework and adjustments until the highest standards are achieved.

3: Timely Delivery

   The delivery timeline is contingent upon the projects complexity. Regular watch case samples are typically completed within one month, while intricate watch samples may require 5-6 months or even a year. Upon confirmation of samples, bulk production can be concluded within 1-2 months, dependent on quantity.

4: Transparent Pricing

   Our pricing is determined by a variety of factors, covering fixed costs such as raw materials, setup, processing fees, design fees, and market-driven pricing for watch movements. We ensure our quotes are highly reasonable, and any losses or rework incurred due to our own issues during production do not result in additional charges.

5: Robust Patent Protection

   We steadfastly commit to safeguarding our clients designs. We willingly engage in signing Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). The examples featured on our website showcase older, more common designs that were sold in China a considerable time ago. We intentionally refrain from displaying the latest styles. Even during visits to our factory, photography is prohibited to preserve confidentiality.