We emphasize the importance of patent protection and value our customers intellectual property because we understand that making a watch successful is not an easy task achieved in one step. It requires a considerable amount of effort, from market research, sketch drawing, 3D rendering to technical data.
    We do not strive for survival by copying or selling our customers watch cases privately. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us.

Our commitment:

Our commitment includes, but is not limited to:
Non-Disclosure: We pledge to keep all confidential information, including watch case designs, specifications, and any proprietary data shared by your company, strictly confidential.

Secure Handling: Our team will implement robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of your watch case 

Limited Access: Only individuals directly involved in the project who require access to confidential information for its successful completion will be granted permission.

No Unauthorized Reproduction: We will not reproduce, distribute, or use any of your watch case design for purposes other than those explicitly agreed upon in our collaboration.

Intellectual Property Rights: Any intellectual property developed during our collaboration will be promptly and rightfully assigned to your company.

This commitment extends beyond the duration of our collaboration and will remain in effect even after the completion of our project.

Our Purposes:

We request your name and email address to effectively respond to your questions or comments. For quick discussions and confirmation of drawings and details such as materials and finishes, we may utilize tools like WhatsApp or WeChat.

We aim to fulfill your order promptly and ship your samples and goods, providing detailed contact information.

Our Actions:

We assist you in verifying our confidential work.
We are committed to signing a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Our Understanding:

Intellectual property constitutes the property rights of intellectual labor. In the era of the market economy, trading in the market, stimulating innovation, and achieving optimal resource allocation are only possible through the establishment of property rights.

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