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   Working process for making custom watch case or custom complete watch

1. Send drawings or samples if you have.   or let us discussing what kind of style you would like us to make, send photos for reference. we can make a draft drawing.
2. We will send you initial quote
3. We will make a parts list for your checking and confirmation if our offer fits your budget.
4.  We will confirm all details and then send you commercial invoice for ordering your watches
5.  We will following your projects daily by photos or videos.
6.  We will inform you before packing and delivery.

Watch case machining process

1. Design drawing

Watch drawings are generally divided into plane drafters (mostly drawn as watches) and structural drafters. Let me make the shell as an example. The draftsman on my side first draws the diagram in the form of a table. I usually draw plane, 3D, and rendering diagrams to confirm that the appearance details are OK. Provide 3D drawings and assembly drawings to the draftsman. The draftsman will draw the structural data diagram and send it to my engineer for review and confirmation. No problem. Start work. (Generally, we will make a sample first, and confirm that there is no problem with the sample before producing large goods) 3D drawing, assembly drawing, data drawing

2. Processing

According to the drawings, the watch embryo factory makes the embryo (use the steel plate to extrude the rough watch shape)

The embryo is first opened by the oil machine, and the margin of the embryo is removed (usually 0.5mm margin is left)

After the oil machine is roughed, the NC machine (automatic lathe) is finished, and the precise data is obtained according to the content of the drawing. Generally, the internal structure is directly and accurately in place (generally allow a tolerance range of 3-5c, 1c=0.01mm for a hair wire about 8c).

NC machine

After that, the hole and ear holes are drilled by the drilling machine, and then returned to the oil machine to grind on the bottom (leaving it outside the final processing because I was afraid that the previous steps would hit the outside). The watch I used as an example will go to the mill after these steps are completed. The processing technology of different case styles is also slightly different. The above are general routine steps, and some small lathes and cnc equipment are used.

3. Mill grinding

The mill is the most important part of the entire case processing process, and it is good to do the standard data according to the standard grade of the case. It is enough to ensure that the internal structure is correct and reasonable, and the appearance polishing is all based on the craftsmanship of the mill.

Take my specific example above to illustrate the grinding steps

① The inner side of the light machine ear is ground and the front is ground, and the 220# sandpaper is used with the fan.

② Light machine to make a big body and a front, 220# sandpaper cloak to carry out

③ When the light machine is rough, the body is too small, the coarse grass wheel is 220#, and the asbestos wheel is 320#, which is too small.

④ Optical machine to do thin body. Asbestos wheel 240# is operated by wiping yellow wax with grass turbine

⑤ Optical machine is used as the ear tip, and the bottom of the shot is flat. Use 220# sandpaper 600# sandpaper through the disc machine.

The above steps are all the steps of the light machine. The light machine is a department of the mill. It is mainly responsible for rough grinding first to ensure that the shading and other lines of the above processing steps are ground off, and then the mill performs the steps of wire drawing and polishing.

⑥ The mill opens the thick shell of the ear surface, the ear tip and the bottom of the ear. Operation: Motor is operated with hemp wheel + yellow wax, most of the mills are operated by motor

⑦ Mill grinding the inner round mouth of the ear, the inner round mouth of the ear, the round mouth of the big body, and the inside of the shell surface. Operation: hemp wheel + yellow wax operation

⑧ The mill sweeps the body, rough sweep + fine sweep. Operation: hemp wheel + yellow wax for rough sweeping, wind wheel + large white wax for fine sweeping

⑨ The mill refines the body. Operation: wire wheel + large white wax

⑩ The mill is finely ground. Operation: wire wheel + large white wax

⑪ Tridium sand, Tridium shell, Tridium shell ear bottom sand. Operation: 80# rubber grinding wheel for triton sand machine

⑫ The mill is thick and thin. Operation: wire wheel + small green wax

⑬ Grinding the ear sand in the mill. Operation: Paparazzi wheel + small red wax for tablet

⑭ Tridium shell, ear surface sand. Operation: Triadium sander with strand grinding wheel

⑮ Mill polished, thin and large. Operation: motor + small white wax

⑯ Tridium shadow sand. Operation: 220# sandpaper for the triton sand machine

⑰ Ultrasonic cleaning

⑱ When entering the shell inspection room, the quality requirements of the shell inspection are as follows: 1. The body should not have rough lines, flower lines, or collapse points; 2. The shell surface sand and bottom sand should not be chaotic, and the sand should be round and striped, and there should be no broken lines.

Below is a brief description of the various polishing waxes that this case polishing wheel is applied to

Grass Wheel 220#+ Yellow Wax

Asbestos Wheel 320#+White Oil Wax

Sandpaper 220#/600#+white oil wax

Hemp wheel + yellow wax

Reel + small white wax

Wind wheel + big white wax

White wire wheel + small green wax

White line wheel + small white wax

rubber grinding wheel

Paparazzi Wheel + Small Red Wax Various Polishing Waxes

4. Shell inspection room

The case polished by the above mill is cleaned and sent to the case inspection room for inspection according to the grade requirements. The defective parts are marked with a red pen for reverse grinding until the quality requirements are met.

5. Quality Department

The quality department is mainly responsible for checking whether the quality of the ordered case accessories is up to standard. Case accessories are generally the following accessories factories (take my style above as an example): glass, ceramic ring, I order O order (glass and bottom cover waterproof ring), oil filling and luminous filling, hardware accessories factory (slingshot wire, octagonal wire, solid Machine ring screw), head tube, bottom cover.

6. Warehouse

All watch case accessories are checked for quality without any problems and entered into the warehouse and registered separately. The warehouse confirms that all the accessories have arrived and sent to the packaging department.

7. Packaging

The packaging department is responsible for assembling all accessories to complete the case and shipping