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We are a young team, not only in age but in mentality. We respect technology, specialize in technology, and embrace the world and the future. When encountering problems, we patiently communicate with customers, business and technical personnel work closely together, and communicate quickly through the site and the Internet. In order to solve customer problems, our team is very stable and will not leave due to work differences. And we will always insist on cooperating, because we have the same goal in mind: serve customers well, make better watch case products, learn, and grow together happily.

Mr. Xie:
        I specialize in crafting stainless steel watch cases, boasting over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our expertise lies in tailoring watch cases to the unique specifications of numerous brands. Equipped with advanced machinery and a skilled workforce, we guarantee the production of high-precision watch cases and hardware. Feel free to reach out for consultations; we are always prepared to cater to your needs.
  Leo Ho:
    As the point of contact for customers and the coordinator of our team, I am sincerely appreciative of the demands that drive our progress. Holding ourselves to stringent standards, I ensure the seamless advancement of quality, service, delivery, and other processes. To facilitate timely and efficient communication across various time zones, we often extend our working hours into the late night. I enjoy learning watch machining and love share the knowledge with anyone who have same interests.
Xiao Jin: With over 15 years dedicated to customer service in product development (PD), production, quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC), as well as after-sales service within the watch parts, goods, accessories, and packaging materials industries, I bring a wealth of experience to our team.

Penny Won: My primary responsibility revolves around overseeing customer orders with meticulous attention to detail and a zero-tolerance policy for errors. I consider this commitment to precision a divine mandate. Striving to comprehend the unique requirements and challenges of our customers, I provide timely feedback to our technical and production teams. Maintaining open communication, I promptly address any uncertainties, fostering relationships with customers that extend beyond transactions; each customer is a potential friend.

1. International Sales Team:

Drawing from extensive technical experience in watch case manufacturing, our International Sales Team collaborates with customers on a pre-sales basis to develop product specifications and functional requirements. We engage with customers through various channels such as phone, email, and in-person meetings to address application queries and assist in solving technical problems. Our team is marked by a strong customer focus, maintaining a keen eye on costs and quality. We excel in presentation, oral and written communication, along with robust technical analytical skills. Additionally, we possess a thorough understanding of interpreting customer business needs and translating them into precise technical and operational requirements.

2. Engineering Department:

Our Engineering Department is structured with designated roles: one team member focuses on designing and creating drawings using software such as CAD, ProE, and SolidWorks. Another is responsible for crafting clamps and selecting tools, while a third concentrates on programming and training workers in their operation. Numerous assistants support these efforts by managing tools, parts, and facilitating communication with other departments. They also provide statistical reports on quantities.

3. Production Department:

The Production Department consists of various lines, including Cutting and Turning, Drilling, CNC Machining, and Polishing.

4. Assembling Department:

In our Assembling Department, products are assembled according to strict standards. Tools and clamps are manufactured in-house.

5. Test Department:

Our Test Department conducts both raw material and finished product testing. Each piece undergoes thorough checks for size, tolerance, color accuracy, as well as the presence of burrs or scratches. Any slight flaws discovered result in immediate attention and rectification.

6. Packing Team:

Our dedicated Packing Team ensures the meticulous packaging of custom watch cases. Team members adhere to strict cleanliness standards, wearing gloves and working coats to minimize dust contamination. Products are packed using PP bags with labeled cards, securely stapled, and neatly placed in boxes. Cartons are further reinforced with packing tape, employing different methods based on the product.

7. Forwarder:

Given the unique nature of our products, distinct from ordinary hardware parts, we place high demands on our forwarder. Regular communication with shipping companies ensures a focus on safety, cost-effectiveness, and prompt delivery. This diligence is particularly crucial in the Chinese market, and our commitment to excellence is unwavering.