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We are a young team, not only in age but in mentality. We respect technology, specialize in technology, and embrace the world and the future. When encountering problems, we patiently communicate with customers, business and technical personnel work closely together, and communicate quickly through the site and the Internet. In order to solve customer problems, our team is very stable and will not leave due to work differences. And we will always insist on cooperating, because we have the same goal in mind: serve customers well, make better watch case products, learn, and grow together happily.

Leo Ho
I am responsible for customer reception and team coordination. I am very grateful to customers for their requirements for making progress. I have strict requirements on ourselves to ensure the smooth progress of quality, service, delivery, and other process. We usually work late at night in order to communicate timely and efficiently with guests in different time zones.
Paul Bao

Dedicated to customer service for PD (product development),  production, QA & QC, and after-sales service in the industries of watch parts goods, accessories, packaging materials more than 15 years.
  Mr. Xie

I am good at making stainless steel watch cases. I have more than 20 years of experience in this industry. We customize watch cases for many brands. We have advanced equipment and well-trained workers to produce high-precision watch cases and hardware for you. You are welcome to consult, we are always ready to serve you.
 Asad Ullah Khan

I am fresh graduate and joined WALCARE as international sales representative. My responsinility is to keep in touch with clients all over the world and forward their queries to production team for better understanding. We as team provide best of our services to our clients and make sure to go long with them. 

Penny won
My main responsibility is to follow up customer orders. I pay attention to every detail and don’t allow errors. This is God’s will. I have to work hard to understand the requirements and difficulties of customers, and give timely feedback to our technology, production staff, and their Communication confirmation, once in doubt, I will tell the customers as soon as possible, every customer can become my friend.
Rosy Chen
I am a young member and I am very happy to work with my colleagues for customers. I am responsible for marketing and customer reception. I am good at communication, energetic, and love to learn; I hope you can give me more advice.
Thanks for those who help me in my life, I will learn and work hard for you.

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