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Audi watch

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Luxury apple watch case goldenconcept it’s made of stainless steel 316L, tough cover protects your apple watch 40mm,44mm, it looks amazing when you wear it.

custom watch caseapple watch case

We making custom metal watch case, straps also. Just send your drawings or samples, we will discussing how to machining it and quote you soon.  We make many watch case for brands like AUDI,Lexus,Benz as souvenir.

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Is the Apple Watch Series 6 aluminum or stainless steel?

Steel is harder than aluminum but expensive, it’s skin-friendly for users, and looks brighten,Apple Watch Series 6 is available in both aluminum and stainless steel, which is made of stronger material. But that might not matter for those that upgrade each year and want to save a few dollars. From a features perspective, Apple Watch Series 6 in either aluminum or stainless steel is identical.

What is the best rugged apple watch case With Good Protection

We are one of the best-reputed companies in the case manufacturing industry for both watch case and other gadgets. It appears that they also have managed to make a pretty flawless rugged case for the Apple Watch Series 6 and 7. The case will obviously protect your shiny Apple Watch against daily wear and tear such as scratches, but also protects it against falls thanks to the shock-absorbent layer. The case itself has a very modern and aesthetic look to it making it seem like a first-party accessory itself. The matte finish of the case also gives it quite a good feel. Lastly, the front has a raised bezel to protect the actual screen of your Apple Watch.