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:2021-09-29:188: difference between a custom watch and a brand watch

The difference between a custom watch and a brand watch

First of all, let’s talk about the production of the watch. A watch probably consists of several major parts: the case, the dial, the hands, the strap, the buckle and the movement part. Then in the subdivision, each accessory has many different factories to complete it. For example, the factories that cooperate with the watch case factory to complete the watch case are:
1. Epigenetic factory - rough embryo of the case

2. Watch mirror factory - production of watch mirror

3. Bachr(34)s factory - Bachr(34)s, handle production (crown, used to pick the time device)

4. Waterproof ring factory - the mirror is linked to the case, the bar is linked to the case, the bottom cover is linked to the waterproof ring of the case

5. Ceramic factory - diving watch lap

6. Etching factory—ceramic chronograph engraving, using laser laser (generally the bottom cover lettering is also corroded by laser laser)

7. Oil Filling Factory - Chrono Lap Filling with Luminous Light

8. Slingshot factory - the shrapnel that rotates under the chronograph ring

9. Bottom cover factory - making bottom cover

The case factory processes the case, and then installs the corresponding accessories to form the finished product

Similarly, the completion of other accessories (dial, hands, strap, buckle) is also completed by several factories. The production of a watch requires the cooperation of about 20 factories. Because watch production requires the cooperation and cooperation of many factories, there may be only a few of all watch brands in the world that produce all accessories independently. For the time being, there should be no Chinese brands that are all produced by themselves. So basically it can be said that 99% of the watch brands in the world have the same production process.

So what is the difference between a custom watch and a branded watch? The customized watch that I understand was originally initiated by watch friends. A group of watch enthusiasts have a certain understanding of watches. We discuss together (communication group or forum), and jointly discuss a specific watch model plan, and then have one or another. Several cousins took the lead in organizing the production. Relatively small and less formalized. The brand table is relatively formal. Generally, brands and companies are created after having experience and a certain amount of capital, and the operation is more commercialized.

After several years of development, domestic custom watches have also made relatively good progress. They all registered their own brands, established companies (or studios), and became regularized. So now, the custom watch is also the brand watch and the other brands are the same.

How about the quality of the custom watch? In this regard, I personally think it depends on the position and attitude of the producer. For example, the same case C-class standard cost 100, B-class standard cost 150. Willing to spend the cost, communicate and follow up with the factory more, ensure the quality of the production parts, and the assembly is serious and responsible. The quality of the custom watch will not be bad.

Choice of custom table?

My personal suggestion for the table selection has always been: 1. I like it; 2. It is suitable for me. Customized watches are better than relatively small brands. In the absence of obvious brand value, I personally feel that it is good to play according to my own preferences. Some of our products have also been purchased by tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of tycoons. Help a friend customize a pair of bronze watches as a gift to the boss of a listed company. There are two sentences in the watch circle that I think are quite reasonable: "Watches are not expensive, but peoplechr(34)s hearts are high and low", "wearing a watch below a Rolex canchr(34)t highlight your identity, so donchr(34)t worry about the brand, wearing a Rolex and above can highlight your identity without wearing a watch, so you donchr(34)t need to. Tangled" Some watch friends feel that the custom watch canchr(34)t be worn, and some watch friends never touch the fake watch and return to the watch selection suggestion. Itchr(34)s better to choose according to what you like, just have fun.

Advantages of custom tables:

1. If you choose a watch first considering cost performance, then a custom watch is your best choice. Customized tables are all connected to the factory by themselves, facing customers by themselves, without additional commercial promotion

2. It can meet some simple customization needs of watch friends, and brand watches are sold in fixed and matched styles. In the initial stage of custom watch production, we will interact with watch friends to listen to and integrate everyonechr(34)s opinions, and make a style that everyone prefers. In addition, the disk surface can be customized with personalized logo and bottom cover personalized customization service. (Our brandchr(34)s personalized customization service)

Disadvantages of custom tables:

1. The relative scale is still relatively small, and the control of product quality needs to be improved.

2. After-sales maintenance is relatively simple, and can only be sent back for processing.

Domestic custom watches (niche brand watches) still need to work harder to make the products well, and I hope everyone can treat them objectively. For the shortcomings, you are welcome to give more valuable opinions and suggestions. But please give some time for growth and progress, donchr(34)t give it a negative as soon as you come up, the development of everything starts from 0. I believe that domestic custom watches will get better and better with the joint efforts of everyone.