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Our Position:

Shenzhen boasts a comprehensive watch industry chain encompassing precision processing equipment manufacturing, movements, watch cases, dials, straps, and other supporting components. This chain also includes research and development, appearance design, processing and manufacturing, trial production testing, surface refinement treatment, and material modification. Each step can be efficiently completed locally, leveraging the aggregation advantage of the entire industry chain. This advantage enables Shenzhens watch industry to operate efficiently, reduce production costs, and enhance product quality.

Moreover, Shenzhens proximity to Hong Kong provides numerous advantages to its watch industry. These include technology and craft inheritance, international vision and market channels, supply chain management and logistics distribution, brand cooperation and marketing, as well as talent exchange and training. Hong Kongs watch industry boasts a long history and exquisite craftsmanship, particularly in precision processing, mechanical structure, and appearance design. The inheritance of these technologies and craftsmanship provides valuable experience and reference for Shenzhens watch industry.


Our Activities:

Our companys holiday activities were enjoyed by all, offering a rich and colorful experience that fostered learning and communication in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Through participation in various projects, we not only enhanced mutual understanding and trust but also exercised our teamwork and problem-solving abilities. This team-building activity not only lifted our spirits but also deepened our understanding of the importance of teamwork. I am confident that in future work, we will be more united, working together to contribute further to the companys development.

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Our Work:

The intricate process of watchmaking encompasses various delicate aspects. Beginning with design, both the exterior and internal structure of the watch require precise drafting to ensure the perfect fusion of beauty and functionality. Moving into the production stage, which involves material selection, cutting, polishing, assembly, and other steps, meticulous attention to detail is essential to ensure the accuracy and durability of each watch. Additionally, rigorous quality testing is indispensable to uphold high-quality standards for each timepiece.

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