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Model No.: 22713Custom-Made Wrist Watch Case Materials

Dear visitors,
welcome to learn our business of making bespoke watch case.
We are watch case company in China and I work with 100+skilled workers and 5+experienced Mechanical Engineers.
 We will do following: 
1. Assist design or drawings, mostly our clients will provide drawings.
2. Confirming part list with clients
3. Machining watch case
4. Polishing or brushing.
5. Checking
6. Packing
Expecet them ,We will do more work in details for your projects. 
May I know if you are interested in any of these services?
 There are many parts required to make up a watch, and what you can see directly is the watch case, which usually refers to the shell parts of the watch body (head), which is like the body of the human body. Movement, dial, hands, etc.), and at the same time determine to a large extent the performance indexes of the watch, such as: water resistance, dust resistance, anti-magnetic performance, shock resistance...
The classification of the case is usually divided according to the material. Each material has its own characteristics. Today, let’s talk about the common case materials.

1. Stainless watch steel
The most common material is characterized by never fading, no deformation, no irritation to the skin, and environmental protection; it can be polished, frosted, and coated with various materials to make the performance more stable. Generally, it is 316L stainless steel and 904L stainless steel.
316L stainless steel is stainless steel with very strong corrosion resistance and very good texture. The main components are Fe, Cr, Ni, Mo, and the density is close to that of iron. Generally, it will not affect human skin. It is usually used by most watch brands. Shell material.

(Longines L4.921.4.11.2 with 316L stainless steel case) (Tissot 1853 with 316L stainless steel case)
904L stainless steel contains nickel, chromium, and copper, which is more corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant than 316L steel, which can help form an anti-corrosion protective film on the surface of metal materials, and has better corrosion resistance and wear resistance than 316L. Strong, but there is not much difference in strength and hardness between the two. 904L is difficult to forge, so the cost is also greatly increased. The price is 3 times that of 316L stainless steel. Therefore, it has become exclusive to Rolex, and other brands are basically not used.

2.Tungsten steel case
This material is different from the materials used in ordinary watches. Its hardness is close to that of natural diamonds, it is not easy to wear, its brightness is like a mirror surface, it will never fade, and it can withstand mechanical shocks. Tungsten steel was originally a color - silver, but now it can be electroplated into gold and black, adding beauty to noble watches. The disadvantage is that it is easy to break without falling, so be careful when using it.

 3. Ceramic watch case
The first to use ceramic materials in the case and strap is Rado RADO. Moreover, it is also said to be "HIGH-TECH CERAMICS" and "space materials" by radar watches. Compared with stainless steel watches, ceramic watches are about 60% lighter and about 10 times harder than stainless steel. The most important feature of high-tech ceramics is wear resistance and corrosion resistance. No matter how long you wear it, ceramics can make this watch look as good as new. Adapt to body temperature, not prone to allergic reactions, the disadvantage is that it is fragile. In addition to radar, CHANEL Chanel is also a high-frequency user of high-tech ceramics.

 4. Titanium watch case
Titanium has very good advantages as a watch material, such as:
1. Titanium watches are quite comfortable to wear because they are surprisingly light;
2. Titanium is hypoallergenic, it does not contain nickel, and it is comfortable to wear even when the skin is sweating;
3. Because titanium is harder than steel, titanium watches are more durable;
4. The characteristics of corrosion resistance make titanium metal especially suitable for diving watches;
5. Titanium is environmentally friendly, it comes from the earth and is recyclable.
Commonly used titanium watches: IWC Pilot Series IW327006, Breitling Mechanical Chronograph V1731110/BD74/109W/M20BASA.1, Richard Mille Men’s Series RM 010, Hublot BIG BANG Series 411.NM.1170.RX , Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series PAM00389.

5. Plastic watch case
Watch brands with plastic cases are not very high-end, but they are stylish and practical. Take Casio as an example, most of which are plastic cases, which are deeply loved by young watch lovers.

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