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Model No.: 116520Hot Watch Band For Rolex DAYTONA GMT SUBMARINER Watch Accessories Metal Strap Stainless Steel Pull Tooth Clasp Chain

We providing Rolex Daytona accessories, case, strap,buckles etc over years, we providing following services:
1. Assist you making drawings of your watch cases
2. Machining and Assembling your watch cases or buckles,straps.

We'll take care of each and everything to slove what you concerned about. we will following your order seriously by sending you photos or videos.
Sounds good?
I would be happy to provide you with our company, client feedback, working process, and many more.
I could be reached with you over the phone, Please update me on your best time and number to discuss more of our services.
If you are not the head of the online marketing of your organization, please forward the email to the concerned person who can get in touch with me.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Rolex we think make about 40,000 Daytona watches a year across the three metal combinations.

It is thought that the world requires about 100,000 watches each year so supply and demand of the market place means that they become even more desirable.

If Rolex were to produce 80,000 to 100,000 each year over the next 3 or 4 years this would soak up some of the demand but more importantly it would reduce the wait for a watch from the authorised retailers which would in turn further reduce the demand.

Some of the demand for the whole of the Rolex range I'd driven by the desire to own a Daytona so its in their interest to keep the status quo.

Is it a false demand ---- no it is an engineered demand real but avoidable as they could if they wanted produce 150,000 a year for three years and there then would be almost no demand at all.

Rolex has many best-selling series and models, and Daytona is one of them. The birth of Daytona originated from the famous Daytona International Raceway in the United States. The chronograph named after this was launched in 1963, and it has been popular to this day. A very small number of Daytona's small dial scales are designed to be square on the inside. This type of square scale watch is due to American movie star Paul. Newman became famous and sought after by collectors. However, about Daytona (Daytona), in addition to Paul Newman, this classic watch has more secrets worth knowing.

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