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Model No.: Rolex bezel 2275Sapphire Glass Blue and Black Ceramic Bezel Men's Silver Automatic Watch

  • Built with plastic material ,it is durable and high quality
  • Insert has glossy finish,shiny and anti-scratch.
  • Outside diameter measurement 30.5 mm Millimeters
  • Inside diameter measurement 37.5 mm Millimeters
  • Great replacements for the original one as a spare, or as a gift. stylish in shape and durable in use.
      Will Rolex ceramic rings oxidize and turn black?

The real ceramic ring scale will not gray! No matter how long it takes! No matter how many times you soak in sea water! Anyway, it won't! As long as you see the gray water ghost, you will know the truth. The genuine luminous coating solution is more uniform and thorough, which means that its luminous effect will be better.
Rolex has made many achievements in the development of ceramic technology. With its excellent technology, it has developed an integrated ceramic outer ring and ceramic word ring. This innovative material is not only resistant to corrosion and scratches, but also does not fade even when exposed to UV light. After years of dedicated research and development, Rolex has developed a set of unique professional knowledge and innovative high-tech equipment and production processes, so it can produce ceramic components completely independently. In 2013, the GMT-Master II launched by the brand is equipped with a blue and black two-color single ceramic word ring developed by Rolex, which is an important turning point in the use of ceramics in the watch industry.
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