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The pricing of luxury goods is a more illusory concept and cannot be calculated purely by cost. The price of Swiss watches should mainly be considered in terms of brand positioning, material technology, and finally movement polishing.

Let’s talk about the movement and movement grinding first. Many people think that the price of the watch is mainly due to the different grinding processes of the movement. They may even think that movement polishing can improve the performance of the watch. In fact, this statement is completely wrong.

The grinding of the movement is mainly divided into ornamental and functional. Most of the grinding processes of the movement will not improve the performance of the movement. The Geneva twill on the edge of the movement is called fine grinding, but there is a decorative edge on the edge of the plywood. Twill it can improve the accuracy of the movement? The appearance of the movement is very beautiful and artistic, making the watch artistically ornamental is indeed a means to increase the price, but it is not absolute.

For example, Cartier also uses the ETA movement directly. Why is it more than 30,000 RMB more expensive than Longines? This fully shows that the movement is not the key to the high price of a watch.

In terms of watch materials, the more common materials for watches are mainly steel, precious metals (inter-gold or full gold), bronze, alloy, carbon fiber, etc. Like some top luxury brands, they will definitely use some new materials to set off their expensiveness. For example, Richard watches use nano-TZP ceramic material.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Extreme Master series uses a unique steel-clad rubber strap, which itself is a steel strap and then wraps a layer of imported natural rubber on the outer layer of the steel strap, which increases comfort when worn.

The unique carbon fiber case of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore, the rough design style and the irregular texture of the carbon fiber case make it look more domineering.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms uses its own unique sapphire bezel to make the bezel look more distinctive, while the bezel is brighter and easier to maintain.

Rolex uses 904L steel to differentiate itself from other watch brands that use 316L steel. The main purpose of the difference in the material of the watch is to make it more expensive because of the difference. But the watch friends Cartier and Longines both use 316L steel, the movement is the same, but there is still a huge difference in price. This shows that it is not the movement and material that play a decisive role, but the most important thing is the product positioning.

   Because the LOGO design of the Breitling watch is very similar to that of the luxury car Bentley, Breitling has tried its best to cooperate with Bentley to show the high-end of its own brand. But no matter how hard Breitling is, the majority of watch friends do not agree that a Bentley should be worn with a Breitling watch. Instead, they always think that it is more appropriate to wear a Breitling as a driver of a Bentley owner, which shows a very important thing. The most important thing about the price of the watch is the brand positioning and awareness of the watch.

   There are a lot of luxury watch brands, but the high-end brands that make the majority of watch fans very clear may be Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Rolex and so on. Some watch brands such as Lange, Breguet, and Girard-Perregaux also have a good reputation, but the market positioning always makes people feel very vague. Therefore, even if they are not cheap, their market share is very low.

The reason why watches are expensive is that the most important cost is brand publicity. With a well-known and well-positioned brand, the price will definitely not be cheap. Therefore, it is also very normal for Cartier to be more expensive than Longines. If you have two watches at the same time, you will naturally wear Cartier more time and times. After all, the main role of the watch is to enhance personal identity. When the brand's popularity is greater and its recognition is higher, its premium will definitely be more expensive. So, do you now understand how expensive Swiss watches are?

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