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Model No.: 221024 TantalumTantalum material watch case

We use tantalum material for the case and buckle, which is a very special material. If we make a sample case, we need to make the material into a plate and then cut it. The difficulty of forming the sheet is relatively large. Unlike stainless steel, tantalum material is more expensive.

The texture of tantalum is very hard, and the hardness can reach 6-6.5. Its melting point is as high as 2996℃, ranking third after tungsten and rhenium. Tantalum is ductile and can be drawn into filaments to make thin foils. Its coefficient of thermal expansion is very small, expanding only 6.6 percent for every one degree Celsius increase. In addition, its toughness is very strong, even better than copper.

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Tantalum has high melting point, low vapor pressure, small expansion coefficient, good ductility and processing performance, and its oxide film is dense and has good dielectric properties. Therefore, tantalum is mainly used to make electrolytic capacitors; tantalum is also a high-power A good material for electronic tube parts, it can be used to make anodes, grids and cathodes; tantalum has good high temperature performance, and can be used as support accessories, heat shields, heaters and heat sinks in high temperature vacuum furnaces; tantalum is also an excellent superconducting material.

At present, the largest and most optimistic application field of tantalum is the electronics industry, which is estimated to account for 66% of the total consumption (currently the global annual consumption of metal tantalum is about 900 tons); the second is the cutting tool industry, which accounts for 66% of the total consumption. The third is that tantalum is used as a high-temperature strengthening additive for superalloys, accounting for 6% of the total consumption; the fourth is in chemical equipment such as valves, heat exchangers and plug-in heaters in the chemical sector, accounting for the total consumption. The fifth is for military use, accounting for 2% of the total consumption; the sixth is for the medical field, accounting for 1% of the total consumption.
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