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Model No.: Ceramic-Bezel-211228Watch Ceramic Bezel Insert Protective Ring Replacement for 40MM Rolex GMT/SUB Watch Anti-scratch Adhesive Cover (GMT black-blue ceramic bezel)

About this item
  Put an emphasis on your exclusive fashion by adding an accent to your accessory. Styling focuses a spotlight on your Watch by giving it a new and improved visual
  The Watch Bezel Insert is made of high-quality materials, there are selections available in various colors and patterns. Select your favorite one from 8 unique styles for Rolex GMT/ SUB and add a little spice in your fashion for a distinctive and breathtaking style
  It has the optimal size designed for the existing watch bezel. The peerless composition of the Styling allows a seamless connection between the rotating ring and Styling to avoid awkward joining and potential damage of your watch
  The Watch Ring prevents daily scratches and provides extra protection. It's easy to replace, simply grab your smart watch and place it on top, the adhesive on the ring allows easy attachment and removal of the Styling
  Outside measure 38 mm and inner bezel measure 30.5 mm. Suitable for watches of 40 mm casing

Compatible Models   Rolex GMT/ SUB Watch
Material Ceramic
Custom Rolex Oyster Perpetual 40MM Stainless Steel Submariner Date Rotatable Green Cerachrom Bezel and a Green Index Dial availble
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Ceramic is probably one of the least known materials used in watches. Today, many watchmakers use ceramics - Rolex, Omega, Rado, IWC, etc.

What is a ceramic watch?

   Over the past century, watch companies have experimented with various watch materials. Watches can be made of just about anything, from metal to carbon fiber. One of these materials is ceramic. The bezel, case and strap of the watch can all be made of ceramic. The ceramics used in watches are not the same as those used in cookware or pottery. It's more similar to the ceramics NASA uses on its satellites and space shuttles to protect its equipment from heat and other damage in space.

Advantages of ceramic watches

   1. Wear-resistant ceramics are known for their hardness, especially compared to steel or other metals. This material is typically three to four times harder than stainless steel. There are no signs of wear even after years of use. In addition, the ceramic is not affected by UV rays, which means that the watch's color will not fade even when exposed to sunlight. Some brands use ceramic in sports and diving watches because it can withstand chemical attack.

2. Lightweight Although it looks heavy, ceramic is lighter than most metals, and basically similar to aluminum. The density of ceramics is usually from 2 to 6g/cm3, most of which is about 3g/cm3. They are lighter than stainless steel (8g/cm3) and titanium (4.5g/cm3). Therefore, the ceramic watch is light on the wrist and comfortable to wear. 3. Hypoallergenic Because ceramic watches do not contain metal, they are considered hypoallergenic. Unlike steel, ceramic does not rust and is more resistant to corrosion. Most people, even those with sensitive skin, can wear a ceramic watch without skin irritation or allergic reactions.
4. A great choice for black watches Ceramic watches come in different colors. In particular, ceramic is an excellent material for black watches. Unlike coated metal watches, the color of ceramic watches is a feature of the material itself, which is more resistant to fading and abrasion.

Disadvantages of Ceramic Watches

1. Fragile easily Although ceramics are scratch-resistant and durable, they are not immune to chipping (mainly due to their molecular structure). If a ceramic watch is dropped and hit against a hard surface, there is a good chance it will shatter. This is also the reason why many ceramic watches are damaged.
2. The process of manufacturing ceramics is very complicated. Heating and cooling take a lot of time, the machine process control is complicated, and the yield is relatively low. Once formed, ceramics need to be polished, which also adds to the cost, which is one reason why ceramic watches tend to be more expensive than metal watches.
3. High prices As just mentioned, because ceramics are difficult to manufacture, watches made from this material are more expensive than the more commonly used traditional metal watches.
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