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Some customers have inquired about our capability to process finished watches. In response, I want to emphasize that we have the capacity to develop and produce finished watches. While our initial focus was solely on watch cases, we have accumulated over 10 years of experience in processing them. Presently, we are confident in our ability to deliver finished watches, and we have successfully executed such projects. However, many of these watches are customized for specific customers, which is why photos of them are not posted on our website.

We firmly believe that aside from the movement, the most intricate component of a watch is the watch case. Through our precision processing, we can seamlessly coordinate other parts such as the bezel, dial, hands, gaskets, movement holder, sapphire crystal, and more. If you have a vision for a watch, please reach out to us, and we will work together to bring it to fruition.
When evaluating a watch manufacturer, it is essential to look beyond the boss luxurious office or beautiful industrial park. Some may appear as simple watch assembly factories, and the watch cases in these assembly plants might indeed be provided by us. I recommend assessing whether the company has experienced and responsible engineers, suitable equipment, testing facilities, and the ability to communicate and address issues promptly.

While our company may not boast luxury, we pride ourselves on reliability. We are dedicated to serving our customers diligently, and we welcome you to inspect our factory through video calls to witness firsthand all the real working scenes. If you have the opportunity, you are also welcome to visit our company in person anytime to experience our commitment to crafting watches with love and persistence.
Except for crystal watches, we also offer the expertise to manufacture stainless steel, titanium, and carbon fiber watches, along with related components such as bezels and casebacks. Please review the following catalog: 

tailor-made watch case 
personalized watch case
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