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Model No.: MK10 carbonpersonalized watch case manufacturer

Dear visitos,
 I would like to inform you about personalized watch case machining services,We have 10 years of experience with skilled engineers, workers in this regard.
We provide End to End manufacturing services for our clients and with complete support team.
Make personalized watch case according to your drawings and requirements accurately;
Confirm all parts of your watch cases.
If you want your watch cases to be competitive then please let me know.
We can provide you related parts and accessories also at very affordable prices.
see contact page and Email us back to get a full proposal.

Except making steel custom watch case, we also making carbon fiber watch case, succussful projects are :
Casio G-SHOCK GA 2100 Carbon fiber case and carbon fiber Apple watch case 

This is the samples we made for our customers, we accept OEM orders, please send drawings if you'd like us make your models of watch case

Carbon fiber materials need to undergo carbonization, graphitization and other steps of processing before they can be applied to watches, and the carbon content of the finished product can reach more than 90%. The advantage of carbon fiber as a case is extremely strong, strong corrosion resistance, and very lightweight, lighter than titanium alloy, and its weight is one-fifth of steel under the same volume.

As far as the manufacture of the case is concerned, it takes a lot of effort to develop the mold, and the combination of carbon fiber and resin models is highly technical. Forging and high-temperature curing are also very important and can not be achieved by simple processes.

Our carbon fiber watch case is prepregnated with epoxy resin, heated by an abrasive at 80 degrees and forged for 60 minutes before being formed; After CNC machining and polishing the surface, it was finally completed. The creation of each carbon case took 5 hours, which shows the difficulty of the project.

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