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Model No.: Bezel 2276Watch Writing Bezel Insert fits Seiko Date Display Ceramic Watch Wrist Replacement Parts(Tea Green)

About this item

  • Made of high grade ceramic material with high hardness, which is eco-friendly and high quality,anti-wear, shiny and anti-scratch.
  • Lightweight design can offering your watch exquisite and unique look
  • 4 colors are available, very practical.
  • our bezel inserts are made to the highest quality and make perfect aftermarket replacements and are easy to fit.
  • The best gift for your friends and your family

Product Description

Type: Watch Bezel
Material: Ceramic
Outer Diameter: 38mm / 1.5inch
Inner Diameter: 30.6mm / 1.2inch
Height: 1.6mm / 0.06inch
Weight: 3g
Optional Color: Black, Blue, Tea Green, Gold

Package Include:
1 x Watch Bezel

    In the era of mechanical watches, Citizen entered the country first, and many people would know the brand of Citizen. Word of mouth is passed down from generation to generation. Later, it was also a trend to make light motion, and now there is still a Citizen store (there was still 5 years ago, the Citizen store in front of my house closed, there should be another place). After the 1990s, the digital display of electronic watches swept the country by virtue of the cheap and trendy, and Casio was undoubtedly the king in this field. After the consumption level has improved, Casio has been rolled out across the board, almost all series have been introduced into the country, and the counters have also opened in every shopping mall. Casio is the most serious one when it comes to the Chinese market. On the other hand, Seiko has never seen a specialty store. There are counters in big shopping malls, but there are surprisingly few models, and it feels like a few generations behind foreign countries. I haven't seen Seiko's high-end brand. Occasionally there is the same model, and the price is ridiculously high. I used to buy a Seiko watch that I wear every day. It cost less than 3k to buy from Japan, and the domestic counter price is more than 7k.
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