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Model No.: watch buckle 16custom-made watch buckles manufacturer,customizable watch buckles maker

We focusing on manufacturing custom watch buckleswatch case,watch straps.
I am writing this to acknowledge you that any hardware machining firm can make your watch buckles, but can they be quality artwork. That is where you can differentiate our services.
So, if you need make custom watch buckles services at reasonable price. Send your drawings today with requirements on materials,finish,tolerance,etc.
I am ready to help you with best quotation.

One stop solution for designing, CNC machining, assembling your watch cases with confidential agreement. We are dedicated to delivering the best possible product and enhancing the customer's experience with the best possible care.
We do this by:
Developing a foundation of trust through honesty and diligence of service. Quick response and short lead time production (5-20 days).
Inspecting products thoroughly to ensure compliance to customers’ specifications. Guarantee any single parts at least 5 inspection process before delivery.
Maintaining flexibility to react promptly to our customers’ changes needs.
Continuing our focus of best practices to ensure the most precise and cost-efficient product possible. Low(1-2‰)scrap rate. 100%  inspection ( QC report available).High Tolerance: +/- 0.02mm(Metal shaft).
the surface treatment: Polishing, zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, powder coating, e-coating, dip coating, phosphate coating, anodize, PVC powder coating, dichromate plating, decrement plating, etc.  We have making rugged apple watch case, if you have interesting, please inquiry us.

1. Pin watch buckle
The buckle of this kind of watch is the most common, and is generally used on watches with leather straps. There will be multiple holes on it, so that different people can adjust the length of the strap. Because there will be a certain distance between each hole, the adjustment time may not be so in line with the length of the wrist, but this kind of buckle is relatively firm, and this kind of buckle is basically used on leather straps.
There is also a pin buckle, which has one more ring than the ordinary pin buckle design and is stronger. Just like stuhrling's mechanical watch, his buckle is also a pin buckle, but the leather strap has a butterfly-like design added to it. The buckled things, two-way insurance, also highlight the quality.
2. Butterfly watch buckle
The butterfly buckle is a double concealed buckle on both sides. Generally, this kind of buckle is used on metal bracelets, and it mostly appears on women's watches. This kind of buckle is more beautiful, and there is basically no trace after it is buckled. The two-way concealed buckle is also relatively firm, and the price is also fixed. If the length of the bracelet is not suitable after wearing, you can only intercept the bracelet.
3.Hook watch buckle
The hook buckle is the most convenient kind of buckle in my opinion. Generally, there will be a hook shape to hang the other side first, and then buckle it. This kind of buckle is not only firm, but also can adjust the bracelet at will. The length of the watch, because its other side is stuck on the bracelet, it can be adjusted on the bracelet after opening.
4.Folding safety watch buckle
This is a common type of buckle on stainless steel bracelets. Fold two bracelets of the same length and buckle on the other side, so that the two-way insurance is relatively firm, and no traces can be seen.
5.bracelet buckle
This kind of clasp usually appears on women's watches. It is at the end of the bracelet on both sides. The shape of the clasp and the bracelet is the same, which is equivalent to dismantling a link in the bracelet. It is basically impossible to see which link is the bracelet and which link is the buckle.

Manufacturer 22mm 304L Solid Stainless Steel pin clasp 3mm tongue for watch strap

  • High Quality Stainless Steel - Crafted from superior stainless steel with PVD coating, is tarnish resistant, safety use & environmental protection. Will NEVER chip or rust.
  • Width Selection - Compatible with any 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm or 24mm watch band. Measure width from side to side where the buckle attaches to, be aware that many watch bands have a taper and are narrower at the end where the buckle attaches than at the end where the watch attaches.
  • Versatile Style - This watch buckles come in a variety of colors, so you can match your watch. Blind hole for spring bar and mirror polished design, make this watch buckle very much Shiny.
  • Easy to Change-The spring bar is a small metal bar that can be depressed at each end, like a spring. You can use a spring bar tool or just your fingernail to press one end of the spring bar, and then it will be released. As a precaution, every buckle includes a free spare spring bar.
  • Guarantee - We offer a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied for any reason.
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