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Model No.: 22716Personalization wrist watch case with different materials,finish

Our company machining custom watch case over years, we providing following services:
1. Assist you making drawings of your watch cases
2. Machining and Assembling your watch cases or buckles,straps.

We'll take care of each and everything to slove what you concerned about. we will following your order seriously by sending you photos or videos.

Sounds good?
I would be happy to provide you with our company, client feedback, working process, and many more.
I could be reached with you over the phone, Please update me on your best time and number to discuss more of our services.

How much difference is there in the craftsmanship of watch cases of different grades?

      The difference in the case of different grades of watches is mainly reflected in the material and workmanship. The common shapes of the case are round, square, barrel and goose egg. Of course, there are some more unique shapes, but the style of the case cannot be arbitrarily designed, and the overall performance and quality of the watch must be considered. Commonly used materials are stainless steel, ceramics, titanium alloy, platinum, rose gold, platinum, stainless steel, gold-plated, gold, tungsten steel, aluminum, copper, zinc alloy, plastic, etc., and even wood, iron, fiber, pure Silver, pure gold or K gold, etc., but it is relatively rare. High-end watches generally use precious metal cases, which are beautiful, comfortable and durable, while low-end watches generally use ordinary metals.

   The difference in case workmanship is reflected in the details. Above, the molding of the mirror glass and the lugs is one of the key links in the production of the case. The case craftsmanship is divided into several grades. The polishing grade of high-end watches is definitely higher than that of low-end watches. High-end watches are on the mirror surface. External grinding such as sanding and edge treatment will be very delicate. In terms of structure, it is mainly reflected in the functions of thinning, waterproof and anti-magnetic. The quality of the three functions of high-end watches and low-end watches must be worlds apart. Jewelry watch case design and manufacture has other constraints. Here, technology is no longer the protagonist, and aesthetic value is the key.

    Huge difference. The value of the case lies in the final polishing. Except for precious metals and special metals. The popular 316L steel case mainly distinguishes the surface treatment, including mirror polishing, corner treatment, concave, convex treatment, ear corner treatment and other external processes, including hardening and electroplating treatment. The structural design of the internal case, including thinning design, waterproof design, anti-magnetic design, etc., can pull off the final price. There are many grades for external grinding.

First, remove the precious metals and talk about the materials. The lowest end has alloy shells, brass shells (most of the materials used in the early years), 304 stainless steel, and 316L stainless steel. Then from a process point of view, the more complex the shell, the more accessories, the higher the process requirements, and the higher the corresponding cost. Generally speaking, the cost of formal wear is less than that of sports models. For example, a cheap alloy case can be more than 10 yuan at the cheapest, and the cheap 30 yuan of 316L stainless steel is also good. But the same 316L material and accessories are more demanding. I have seen the most expensive case processing fee of more than 8,000 Hong Kong dollars.

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