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Model No.: 22718Sapphire, ceramic, carbon fiber watch case machining service

We are manufacturer of luxury watch case located in Shenzhen China, we providing custom watch case machining, assembling services.

Case materials: 316L Stainless Steel case, 304 steel available,

Case diameter: 40mm/44mm / customized size;

Strap material Solid stainless-steel strap/rubber, leather band,

Harden mineral glass, Japan or German movement,

Fold cover clasp strap, Water resistant reach up to 5ATM.

Price: depend on requirements
His analysis and introduction of the energy material sapphire are as follows: Now Swiss watches have adopted a large number of sapphire glass crystals, and the molar hardness is 9. Only softer than diamond, theoretically only diamond can scratch it. It is a good material for watch mirrors. But he also has shortcomings, such as the light transmittance is worse than ordinary glass, so the price of coated sapphire glass is much more expensive. Will those watches work? For example, Hublot's Big Bang series and Rolex's water ghost series have them.

High-tech ceramics, first of all, this material is relatively modern, and its surface is very smooth, especially wear-resistant, stable in physical properties, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no discoloration and decolorization, light weight, and pollution-free. It also does not hurt the skin, and the stainless steel case strap has nickel metal in it. Nickel is not good for human skin, and many people will be allergic. The manufacturing process of high-tech ceramics is to inject extremely fine zirconia powder into the mold under high pressure, and then form ceramic parts that are not easy to wear in a sintering furnace with a high temperature of more than 1,000 degrees Celsius, and then use diamond powder to polish, can be made. So it's still the weight of a divide-and-gold watch, which has always been an annoying problem. If it is a watch with a larger case diameter and a certain thickness, and a solid stainless steel strap is attached, it will weigh about 150 grams, which is indeed more dangling on the wrist. High-tech ceramics are lighter than titanium. Representative works include Hublot's Big Bang series and Chanel's watches.

Carbon fiber material, if you are a racing fan, you should be very familiar with this material - now not only F1, but other top racing cars and super sports cars have all used carbon fiber as a body material. The biggest advantage of this material is that it is extremely light in weight. Under the same volume, its weight is one-fifth of that of steel, but its strength is five times that of steel. Representative brands include TAG Heuer, Hublot and Bell & Ross.

Hublot Magic Gold. How to make an authentic "fusion" of 24-karat gold (the purest natural precious metal) with the most cutting-edge material technology. The entire joint research and development project took three years, and finally achieved the world-renowned achievement "Magic Hublot Gold" - a brand-new precious metal material, identified by the Swiss Rare Metals Control Office as 18 carats, and will soon obtain a patent certificate. The 18-carat "Magic Hublot Gold" is the world's first anti-scratch gold, which effectively avoids other gold or alloy products that are easily scratched over time. Hardness is an important criterion for measuring the wear resistance of a metal: doubling the hardness of the metal means that the metal must be able to withstand double the extrusion force acting on it. "Standard" high-quality 18-karat gold can withstand a squeezing force of 400 Vickers. And "Hublot Gold" can withstand up to 1000 Vickers hardness, even the hardest steel can only withstand 600 Vickers hardness. This makes "Hublot Gold" the hardest gold in the world. To a certain extent, only diamonds can leave true "scratch" on it. Represents the brand Hublot.

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