With over 10 years of experience in custom watchmaking, we are committed to taking on more work to assist our clients in fulfilling their designs. Whether you are a fresh graduate, a budding startup, or a well-established enterprise, we will fully support you in realizing your innovative ideas. Our design services cover the entire process, from hand-drawn sketches, precise engineering drawings, realistic 3D renderings, to the production of prototypes, ensuring that every watch perfectly embodies your unique vision.

Watch Hand-Drawn Sketches

From Idea to Sketch

Do you have the perfect watch design in mind but can not draw it? Just provide us with some basic guidelines, reference pictures, or sample photos, and we will bring your idea to life through professionalsketches!

What You Will Get

Turning your ideas into reality takes time and thought. We start by generating preliminary sketches and thumbnails to help decide which design needs final touches. You only pay once, with no additional fees for revisions.
We uphold originality and integrity—copying or plagiarizing other designs is never an option!

watch design services

Watch Technical Drawings

Technical drawings are the cornerstone of every production process. Whether you are developing a one-off prototype, a standalone watch design, or large-scale mass production, our service ensures you receive accurate and detailed factory drawings for your watches.

As a watch manufacturer deeply rooted in China, we are passionate about the design and craftsmanship of each watch. Upon your request, our in-house team of experienced watch experts will swiftly collaborate with you to plan and design your watch project.

From size, structure, and material selection to surface treatment processes, we meticulously render every detail on the drawings to ensure perfection.

We understand that drawing work requires patience and precision. We are committed to a customer-centric approach, listening attentively to your needs and carefully assisting you in completing every detail of the drawing. After each discussion, we quickly convert the results into precise data, ensuring your watch project proceeds smoothly.
When you work with us, you gain more than just a technical drawing; you receive professional, efficient, and dedicated service. Let us collaborate to create the perfect watch you envision!

watch design services

Watch 3D Rendering

With the use of highly realistic 3D rendering, you can effortlessly adjust every detail of your watch design, eliminating the need to start from scratch, thereby greatly enhancing design efficiency. This efficient rendering method not only allows you to iterate and optimize your watch design quickly during the design process, but also helps you save valuable time and project budget.

Our 3D rendering service ensures consistency between marketing materials and physical products. Through 3D rendering, you can showcase the intricate details and superior quality of your watch before mass production, providing a solid foundation for marketing activities. This forward-looking rendering service underscores the importance of 3D technology in modern watch design, adding significant value and appeal to your brand and products.

watch design services

Watch Protoypes

CNC samples stand out for their high-efficiency and rapid production characteristics, particularly suitable for customers who are still in the design exploration stage but eager to experience the actual product as soon as possible. Leveraging our exquisite watchmaking skills and advanced equipment, we can create precise watch prototypes through CNC precision processing. This step is crucial before mass production, as it allows you to preview the actual effect of the product and helps us identify and correct potential design flaws in time.

Mold samples, on the other hand, represent the traditional and standard method of sample production. They are more suitable for customers who have specific requirements for watch design and already have mature design plans. Choosing mold samples means choosing quality and classic assurance.

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