The process of watch design is a multi-faceted integration of work. To understand who is it designed for? What is the goal? One is to have the brand style and characteristics; the other is to make consumers like it. Front-end designers must communicate with engineers from the very beginning to understand various processes and material characteristics. When developing a new movement, engineers must cooperate with designers to participate in the aesthetic configuration of the movement; they must also communicate with marketing to understand their needs. In addition, research should be carried out on the theme of cooperation, and finally consumers get pleasure from the product itself, which is the ultimate goal.

    Our company focuses on processing custom watch cases, clasps, and watch straps, and we are responsible for everything from engineering drawings to products. From idea to drawing needs to be outsourced to design company or designer. We can recommend excellent designers in China, and the fee is negotiated between the guest and the designer. Clients are also advised to look for designers locally.
The design companies we recommend are as follows: