What services we providing?

We can make samples and process cases, buckles, watch face, etc. according to your drawings. If you do not have a drawing, you can send a hand drawing or even a sample to us, and we will draw a 3D drawing and confirm with you.
Prototype production usually takes 15-20 days, we will quote according to materials, processes, drawings, details of prototype services, please read:
We have advanced equipment, skilled workers, please visit the workshop with our lens.
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Why us

1.  We will think and take action from customers or users point of view, understand the needs, and put forward opinions.
2.  We can communicate actively in English, with translation software and diagrams to help discussing with non-English-speaking customers, you will feel our patience, enthusiasm and professionalism.
3.  We work activity and efficiently, and we regard making watch cases and watch accessories as the most interesting thing in our life.
4. In order to ensure that we focus our time and energy on customer projects, we do not dislike small orders, but we also refuse unreasonable requests.
5.  Customers are our God, employees, material suppliers are also our God, even logistics companies we will respect and cooperate friendly, we do not want to see any problems happened, this is our responsibility ,also the spirit of becoming a great enterprise.

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       As a premier watch case manufacturing facility, our ultimate objective is to bring your unique watch case design to life and assist you in establishing your own watch brand. With over a decade of industry expertise, we have refined impeccable design principles that cater to every aspect of a watch project, from case size and dial texture to appearance polishing. Our seasoned watchmakers ensure that each design encompasses the following key elements: precise watch technical drawings, detailed watch 3D rendering, comprehensive watch integrated design, and meticulous watch prototyping.

    Our company focuses on processing custom watch cases, clasps, and watch straps, and we are responsible for everything from engineering drawings to products. From idea to drawing needs to be outsourced to design company or designer. We can recommend excellent designers in China, and the fee is negotiated between the guest and the designer. Clients are also advised to look for designers locally.