In the process of processing the custom watch case, different case materials such as stainless steel, ceramics, titanium metal, tungsten steel, etc. have slightly different processing methods. Now I will share with you the conventional processing process. I hope you can learn from our processing. Production strength, welcome cooperation.

  The production process of the watch case

1. Design drawing

Watch drawings are generally divided into plane drafters (mostly drawn as complete watches) and structural drafters. For example, a draftsman draws a table first, and a designer generally draws flat, 3D, and rendering drawings to confirm that the appearance details are fine. Provide 3D drawings and assembly drawings to the engineer, and the factory drafter will draw the structural data diagram and hand it over to the engineer for review and confirmation, and start work if there is no problem. (Generally, we will make a sample first, and confirm that the sample is ok before producing large goods) Before placing an order, we will confirm the 3D drawing, assembly drawing, data part drawing with the customer

custom watch case2. Processing
According to the drawings, the watch embryo factory makes the embryo (use the steel plate to extrude the rough watch shape)
The embryo is first opened by the oil machine, and the margin of the embryo is removed (usually 0.5mm margin is left)
After the oil machine is roughed, the CNC machine (automatic lathe) is finished, and the precise data is obtained according to the content of the drawing. Generally, the internal structure is directly and accurately in place (generally allow a tolerance range of 3-5c, 1c=0.01mm for a hair wire about 8c).
After that, the holes and ear holes are drilled by the drilling machine, and then returned to the oil machine to grind the upper and lower parts (they are left outside the final processing because they are afraid that the previous steps will bump into the outside). The processing technology of different watch case styles is also slightly different. Some small lathes and cnc equipment to use.

custom watch case
3. Quality inspection of the watch case

The case polished by the above mill is cleaned and sent to the quality inspection department for inspection according to the grade requirements.
4. Quality Department
The quality department is mainly responsible for checking whether the quality of the watch case accessories is up to standard. Case accessories are generally the following accessories factories: glass, ceramic ring, I order O order (glass and bottom cover waterproof ring), oil filling and luminous filling, hardware accessories factory (slingshot wire, octagonal wire, fixed machine ring screw), head handle tube , bottom cover.
5. Warehouse
All watch case accessories are checked for quality without any problems and entered into the warehouse and registered separately. The warehouse confirms that all the accessories have arrived and sent to the packaging department.
6. Packaging
The packaging department is responsible for assembling all accessories to complete the watch case and shipping