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Model No.: Crystal watch case 24314Custom Crystal Watch Case

Capture the essence of elegance with our customized crystal watch cases! Designed to perfection, these crystal-clear timepieces are the epitome of style and sophistication, perfect for the modern young trendsetter.

With our team of seasoned engineers and cutting-edge equipment, we transform your ideas into exquisite reality. From conceptual drawings to precise processing, every step of the journey is meticulously tracked to ensure impeccable quality.

Elevate your timepiece collection with a touch of personalized luxury. Discover the magic of custom crystal watch cases today!
1. Obtaining Raw Materials:

Initially, acquire the mineral crystal, typically formed by boiling and dissolving silicon (Silica) and lead oxide (or alternative materials like potassium oxide, barium oxide, etc.) to produce a transparent and durable substance.

2. Cutting and Polishing:
Mineral crystals, once heated and melted, cannot be reversed, precluding the use of hot casting. Instead, employ cold processing methods such as cutting and grinding to shape it into a suitable form for the watch mirror. Subsequently, meticulously polish it to achieve the desired clarity and gloss.

3. Crafting Watch Cases and Straps:
Watch cases and straps are predominantly fashioned from metal or other materials. These components undergo design, cutting, polishing, assembly, and other processes to ensure harmonization with the mineral crystal watch mirror, maintaining overall coordination and aesthetic appeal.

4. Assembling the Movement:

Embed the movement, comprising gears, springs, hands, etc., into the watch case to facilitate precise coordination for accurate timekeeping.

5. Mounting the Watch Mirror:

Affix the processed mineral crystal watch mirror onto the watch case, ensuring seamless integration without gaps while preserving the clarity and gloss of the mirror.

6. Debugging and Testing:

Conduct thorough debugging to verify accurate time display and normal operation of all components. Subsequently, subject the watch to quality testing, including assessments for waterproofing, shock resistance, and other performance metrics, ensuring optimal quality and reliability.

7. Packaging and Shipment:

Finally, package the watch securely for shipment, ensuring it reaches its destination in pristine condition.

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