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Model No.: crystal watch case 2311Craft Crystal Watch Case

We have full-process machining capabilities for precision structures and exterior components made of crystal glass, offering a one-stop production process from cutting, cold carving, grinding, and polishing to cleaning, hardening, and bonding.

The crystal watch case not only shines with a beautiful radiance but also effectively protects the internal mechanical structure, making it both beautiful and practical! Moreover, the texture is delicate, providing an extremely comfortable fit on the wrist.
Dear Customers,
We would like to share two videos showcasing the process of making our crystal watches. Please note that these videos are quite large in size, so we kindly ask for your patience while they load. It may take a few minutes for them to fully load and play. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.
Thank you for your patience and continued support!
Mineral Crystal watch video

Mineral Crystal watch case making

Sapphire crystal watch video

Please specify whether you would like your watch to be made of Mineral Crystal or Sapphire Crystal when you inquire with us.

Our crystal factory and stainless steel factory operate relatively independently to maintain the professionalism of each team; however, they also collaborate closely with each other. Sapphire is a key component in almost every watch, as well as in various consumer electronics such as mobile phones, smartwatches, wearables, cameras, optical instruments, jewelry, and other industries.

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Beyond traditional platinum, gold, rose gold, and platinum, the development of other precious metals essentially involves researching new alloys. In order to explore a completely new path beyond these options, the "crystal" case comes into existence. This material, with a hardness far surpassing that of the four traditional metals, looks more eye-catching than carbon fiber and ceramics. Its visible "luxury" is the foundation for it becoming the material ceiling.

Crystal is the messenger of light, possessing high-dimensional energy and the ability to heal sluggish mental states.
The Illusion Wristwatch features a case made entirely of high-transparency crystal, allowing a clear view of the precise operation of the internal movement. The transparent liquid silicone strap, soft and skin-friendly, combined with the crystal case's transparent glacier-like sensation, creates a visual experience of turning something tangible into nothing. Wearing it on the wrist allows one to feel the flow of time and energy.
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