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Model No.: case 22712CNC Machining Steel Custom Watch Case Watches Case

We provide customized case processing services to customers all over the world:
The watch case usually refers to the shell parts of the watch body (head), its function is to contain and protect the internal parts of the watch (movement, dial, hands, etc.), and the parts closely connected with the watch case are: watch mirror, bottom cover , crown, buttons, etc.
Usually we make stainless steel case, tungsten steel case, ceramic case, titanium alloy case, aluminum case, copper case, zinc alloy case, plastic case, etc.; in addition, less common are wooden watch Case, iron case, fiber case, sterling silver case, solid gold or K gold case, etc.

High Precision! High-End Finish! Excellent Quality! Best Machining!

(1).Material:Brass/ aluminum/iron/Tin/ stainless steel
(2).Surface Finished: Anodize &Sandblasting
(3).Process: CNC Turning

Parts Information:
(1). Applicable Material---Aluminum/zinc alloy, iron, steel alloy, plastic, brass, steel, and stainless steel
(2). Surface treatment---polishing, zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, anodizing.                                                       
(3). Packaging: Standard package/ Pallet or container/ as per customized specifications.
(4). Shipment Terms: Express & air freight is preferred / sea freight/ as per customized specifications.

   The shape of the case is comparable to that of a watch. Whether a watch is likable or not, you will first look at the shape, because it is round or square, and whether the shape is unique, this is the first intuitive feeling. Based on factors such as tradition, aesthetics and practicality, round cases have always dominated the market, and square cases are also common. But there are still some who dare to break the rules and introduce new watch brands to boldly design new case shapes with great success, such as tonneau, cushion, triangle, octagon and even dodecagon. In the final analysis, because more and more young people want to highlight their individuality, watch cases with different shapes give people more choices.

   If you look at a lot of early vintage clocks, a lot of the dials are round. Because before the watch was born, people used pocket watches, and the era of pocket watches was a round world. Just like in the 1920s and 1930s, when Art Deco was popular, the dials were mostly small and rectangular. In the 1950s, although round dials were the mainstream, for women, oval, rectangular, square, and polygonal decorative jewelry-type watches were also the first choice for clothing matching. Until now, similar watches have appeared. Today The retro trend is also a continuation of the trend at that time.

   It is undeniable that for thousands of years, the classic round case seems to be the most pleasing, one is that the public is used to it, and the other is that the round production cost is relatively low, because the machine tool is the easiest to make round objects. The third is the round case, which has no edges and corners, and is comfortable to touch. In the era of pocket watches, the round case was put into the pocket and was not easy to scratch. Fourth, many movements are round, which is more in line with the round case. The fifth is the meaning of beauty, especially for Chinese people, circle means perfection, completeness, and reunion all represent happiness. The Chinese also pay attention to the way of the mean, and harmony is a kind of cultivation. In the early years, watch dealers made it clear that the round case was the best seller, and some special-shaped cases were afraid to enter the Chinese market. In recent years, the shape of the case has become more and more rich, because the world still needs to break through the tradition, there must be innovation, and people are more advocating freedom and imagination.
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